Arduino Nano V3 Product Information

This Arduino Nano V3 compatible board is a small and neat board very similar to the UNO but in a DIP module format and connected with a Micro USB cable such as is used for charging most mobile phones. It offers amazing functionality and processing power for such a small and affordable platform.

Connections can be made with Dupont Leads and also by plugging it into a breadboard or soldering onto a PCB. If you leave the headers off, you can of course solder connecting wires directly to the board, making for a very compact installation in products and projects. There is also an ICSP header with 6 pins on the top of the board giving easy access to SPI, reset and power lines. There is a reset button on the top of the board.

Power can be supplied from USB or into the Vin pin (30) at a recommended 7 - 12v with the voltage limits being 6 - 20v (higher voltages will make the voltage regulator hot!).

Note: current use is limited on these boards - each pin can supply a recommended 20mA to absolute maximum of 40mA and the overall current draw should not exceed 200mA

The serial USB connection is provided by a CH340G chip (not FTDI as in the UNO) and should connect automatically with most computer systems - check in the Device Manager on Windows and update drivers if necessary.