Ceramic Disc Capacitors

CERAMIC DISC CAPACITORS label and conversion chart

These small disc capacitors are used in a variety of circuits including filtering high frequency noise and setting frequency rates for processors.

They are available in packs of 10 and you can choose the value you want from the drop down list.


They are too small to have the capacitance value on them and use codes to show it:

1 pF12 pF23 pF34 pF45 pF5
6 pF67 pF78 pF89 pF910 pF10
15 pF1218 pF1820 pF2022 pF2227 pF27
30 pF3033 pF3340 pF4047 pF4750 pF50
56 pF5668 pF6882 pF82100 pF101120 pF121
140 pF141150 pF151180 pF181220 pF221300 pF301
330 pF331470 pF471560 pF561680 pF681820 pF821
1nF1021.5 nF1522 nF2022.2 nF2223.3 nF332
4.7nF4726.8 nF68210 nF10315 nF15320 nF203
22nF22333 nF33347 nF47368 nF683100 nF104

Conversion example: 100 nF = 0.1 uF = 100000 pF (Code 104)