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Pack Contents

LEDs x 50
5 packs of 10

Red Green Blue Yellow White
Choose the size (5mm or 3mm) and lens type (Clear or Diffused)

Resistors x 100
10 Strips of 10

LOW  10R 47R 100R 150R 200R 220R 270R 330R 470R
MED  560R 680R 1K 2K 2K2 3K3 4K7 5K1 6K8 10K
HIGH 20K 47K 51K 68K 100K 220K 330K 470K 680K 1M

Capacitors x 50
5 Packs of 10
LOW 0.22 0.47 1 2.2 4.7 uF
MED 4.7 10 22 33 47 uF
HIGH 33  47  100  220  470 uF

[ Please note:
These selection boxes offer a discount of between 10% and 20%, so other
discount vouchers cannot be used be with them]