LED Matrix 8 x 8 5mm LED 60mm x 60mm


LED Matrix Display
Display information, patterns or even create games (such as the legendary Pong!) Control directly from an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other board.

  • Easily connectable with headers or Dupont Leads
  • 16 Connectors on rear
  • Ideal for use with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other boards
  • Can be used with shift registers or other controller chips.

8 Rows X 8 Columns
LED Size 5mm
Dimensions - 60mm x 60mm

Pin connections:
ROWS (-ve) 1-8:
5  2  7  1  12  8  14  9
COLUMNS (+ve) 1-8:
16 15 11 6 10 4 3 13
Voltage: 2v  max 2.4v
Current: 20mA
Orientation: with the marked Pin 1 (on the back) top Right:
Row 1 is at the top, Column 1 is on the Left as you face the LED matrix.

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