Q26 Electronic Component Kit

Q26 Electronic Components Kit

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Q26 Electronic Components Kit

Over 300 parts carefully selected for your projects.
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Need to connect some power? Join up your circuits?
You have a choice of battery snaps and holders plus connectors to suit components, modules and breadboards in MF, FF and MM varieties.

Unlike many more randomly thrown together kits, this box includes a range of resistors, capacitors and ICs that you are likely to need, whether you are working with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other type of circuit.

Through hole components in this kit are suitable for plugging straight into a breadboard or soldering onto a pcb.

Everything has been checked, packed and labelled in the UK, including the box which is strong and durable as well as being manufactured in the UK.

Kit Contents


PIR Motion detection sensor

LDR GL5528 X 3

RESISTORS Metal Film 1%

10R 100R 150R 200R 220R 470R 1K 2K 2K2 4K7 10K 100K 220K 470K 1M  all x 10

Trimmer Potentiometers 500R 1K 5K 10K 20K 50K 100K 200K 500K 1M

CAPACITORS Electrolytic radial

1uF 4.7uF 10uF 100uF all x 10

0.47uF 220uF 470uF all x 5

0.1uF Ceramic Disc


Active Buzzer

Passive Buzzer


12mm  Button momentary Switch x  7 with different colour caps

6mm button momentary switch x 5


5mm Diffused Red Green Blue Yellow White all x 10

RGB common cathode  x 2


74HC595 shift register x 1

203904 NPN transistor x 5

2N3906 NPN transistor x 5

1N4007 Diode x 5

NE555 X 2

L7805 voltage regulator x 1


65 Jumper lead bundle

Dupont Leads 20cm M-F F-F M-M all x 10

Battery snap

Battery snap with plug

Battery holder for 2AA

Battery holder for 4AA