Using a Logic Level Shifter 3.3v to 5v

Logic Level Shifter - Bi Directional 3.3v 5v 8 Channel

You may need to connect your new TFT Display or new sensor to your current project and find that the new device operates at a different voltage to your Arduino or other microcontroller.

To safeguard your equipment as well as keeping the data flowing, you need to convert the logic levels in both directions. This Logic Level Shifter enables this process so that a digital i/o pin can be connected on one side and the i/o pin of another device on the other, and voltages will be adjusted accordingly.



Connect power supplies from both levels:
3.3v to VccA
5v to Vcc B

Then connections can be made:
A0 to A7 i/o at 3.3v
B0 to B7 i/o at 5v
Data will be shifted to the opposite side in either direction at the correct voltage.

Ideal for use with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, PIC and any other microcontroller circuit.